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Postdoctoral Position - september 2013 - University of Rouen

Computer Vision for Text Recognition

LITIS is pleased to invite applications for a postdoctoral position in Computer Vision for Document Image Recognition.
The scientist will be involved in a very challenging national project aiming to benchmark and encompass state of the
art of a general purpose reading system, including multi-lingual printed and handwritten texts, in unconstrained
layout documents. The postdoc will be in charge of the printed and handwritten text recognition module.

Ideal candidates should be dedicated and open-minded, speak French or English fluently, hold a PhD in pattern recognition,
have a strong experience in statistical pattern recognition techniques for sequence modeling and recognition
(Handwriting Recognition, Speech Recognition, Statistical Natural Lnguage Processing), have good programming skills in C++.
The candidate will participate to the ongoing developments of the recognition module.

Contact : send CV + publications + recommandation letters to

Duration : 1 year

Ph.D. Position - October 2013 - University of Le Havre

Le Havre University recruits a motivated candidate for a PhD fellowship. The position is for 3 years starting in September or October 2013. The gross salary is 1684 euros/month, medical insurance included.

The candidates should apply before June 27th 2013.

The thesis takes place in the context of a collaboration between two research labs, the LITIS (computer science) and GREAH (electronics and automatics).


« Control and cooperation of ground and air mobile robots for information and surveillance purposes »


The main goal of the PhD research work will be the design and implementation of a platform made up of ground and air mobile robots which will carry out, in a coordinated and autonomous way, a set of tasks such as mapping (charting an area which is almost inaccessible for the human beings), searching and/or identifying elements in a specific environment (objects, human beings, specific areas, etc.), or transmitting information. The complementary skills of ground and air mobile robots allow them to overcome their specific limitations (payload, computing power, movement velocities, local vision, etc.). The platform is designed to be a support for rescue, maintenance or surveillance missions in either a natural or industrial environment. This PhD will benefit from the complementary expertise of two research teams (the LITIS and the GREAH). The GREAH laboratory brings its expertise in supervised and adaptive control (autonomy, instrumentation, perception, multi-sensor data fusion, etc.) while the LITIS laboratory has specialized in the field of wireless mobile ad hoc communications and distributed computing, allowing decision making with neither central control nor supervision. The research teams also have ground and air (drones) mobile robots which will be used for experimental studies. Additional partnerships include the University of Malta (DSCE), the University of Luxembourg and the University of Bordeaux.


The successful candidate should have a strong background in at least one of the following topics:

  • mechanical engineering, automatic control and robotics, industrial I.T.,
  • embedded electronics and communication networks
  • distributed computing and ad hoc networking
  • mobile robotics

Experience in setting up robotics applications would be appreciated.

Other required qualities: good level of English and French, inquiring mind, commitment and perseverance, good interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team.

Applications must be submitted by Thursday 27th June, 2013 to Mr Frédéric Guinand ( and Mr Jean-François Brethé ( Applications should include a detailled resume, master grades, rankings, Msc documents (marks), a covering letter and some references.

HDDA2012 : Historical Documents in the Digital Age

An INTERREG IVA DocExplore conference

The aim of the Workshop is to bring together those whose professional work involves the study of historical documents or who have a responsibility for increasing their accessibility, with technologists developing techniques to support the analysis and management of digital documents. The Workshop will encourage a greater understanding of how these two communities can work productively together and how crossing the traditional disciplinary boundaries can create opportunities for supporting better historical research while also increasing the awareness of the general public of their rich cultural heritage.

This workshop should be interesting for:
  1. Historians and others interested in sharing their experiences of document analysis with scientists developing computer-based tools to support such activities.
  2. Those who have a responsibility for preserving and managing historical documents and making them available both to specialists using them for research and detailed study, and the general public seeking to benefit from the rich cultural legacy which such documents embody.
  3. Scientists and engineers developing advanced technologies in areas such as image processing, pattern recognition and digital media engineering relevant to document analysis.
The Workshop will provide an opportunity for a diverse range of researchers and other professionals, including end users, to share experiences and explore ideas which cross traditional disciplinary boundaries which often present barriers to rapid progress in improving the accessibility of documents which can contribute so fundamentally to an understanding of our cultural heritage.
For each session of the workshop, we invited european specialists of the field to share their experience of the domain, as an opening for an open debate with all attendants. The workshop is opened to all, we just need whoever wants to participate to freely register on the website, so that we can manage the logistical constraints of the venue. The languages of the workshop will be French and English, with simultaneous translation provided.

25/10/2012 - 26/10/2012

Maison de l'Université - University of Rouen - Mont Saint Aignan

Pierrick Tranouez (+33) 02 32 95 51 20

  • Conference

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